What is Bluegrass EEE
Bluegrass is a non-electrified outgrowth of "Old Timey" music. It is the predecessor of what is commonly called "country" music today. It is a pattern characterized by a driving, syncopated rhythm which sustains a forward musical movement.
Instrumentation in Bluegrass is usually standard - guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass - hile some bands carry dobro.

The interplay of the instruments is intricate, with the lead instrument (or voice) improvising on solo lines that accentuate the downbeat, while the backing instruments accentuate the upbeat and so create a feeling of syncopation. The forward drive is contributed mainly by the banjo, whole solo line is itself syncopated, yet at the same time largely built around the downbeat.
Bluegrass music cannot be separeted from its performers. It is a direct reflection and function of each individual member's mannerism. Herein lies the drive that gives power and meaning to a music as subtly complex as that performed b NBS bands.